Fundulopanchax Keeping and Breeding Data

July 9, 2017 killifish 0


Fundulopanchax is a genus of killifish living in near-coastal fresh water streams and lakes in Western Africa. All species were previously biologically classified as members of the genus Aphyosemion, with the exception of Fundulopanchax avichang, F. gresensi and F. kamdemi, which were all scientifically described after the major revision of the Aphyosemion complex. The name Fundulopanchax is composed of the names of two other genera of killifish, Fundulus Lacépède (1803) and Panchax Valenciennes (1846), which were previously wrongly thought to be closely related to each other. Bellow is a button linked to an excel file with accurate Fundulopanchax species keeping and breeding data.

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