Pseudepiplatys annulatus

July 19, 2017 killifish 0

A miniature killifish known in the trade as the Clown Killie – Pseudepiplatys annulatus originates from West Africa. This species inhabits lowland swamps, slowly-moving streams and small rivers in areas of open savannah and tropical rainforest where it’s found among marginal vegetation or aquatic plants. The climate across its range is hot and wet with a pronounced wet season between April – May and October – November, and most rivers tend to run perennially. The water is generally warm, soft and acidic. The colourful stripes of the clown killie, coupled with its miniature size, make it great for smaller setups.

We keep and breed them in a heavily-planted set-up or so called natural-style arrangement comprising a sandy and/or coir substrate plus some leaf litter. We always use plenty of fine plants like Java Moss, Riccia, Cabomba and so on. There are always floating plants in the tank like Salvinia