Medium Size Feeder Fish

Medium size feeder fish (approx 30 – 50 mm in size) are supplied in packs of 20 fish per lot. Very high in protein live feeder fish are perfect live fish food suitable to feed all predatory freshwater and marine fish. These are also perfect food for large pond fish, turtles, terrapins, amphibians, reptiles and even birds.

Species of predatory animals, typically large fish such as catfish, channa, pikes and cichlids but sometimes also animals such as freshwater turtles, are provided with feeder fish because they accept them more readily than alternatives. Other animal keepers believe that feeder fish are particularly nutritious, being what their pets would eat in the wild. Still others view feeder fish as a stimulating treat that encourages predatory animals to exhibit their natural hunting behaviours. Some animal keepers enjoy watching the hunting and eating techniques involved when one animal eats another. Depending on the availability, feeder fish may include low-quality, common livebearers, mosquito fish, platies, small cyprinids, particularly various minnows and goldfish, unwanted livebearer, killifish and cichlid fry, low-quality betta fish, defective and weak juveniles.

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